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The PCSC Netball team is a dedicated group of girls aged 22 to 30 who are passionate about netball and share an appreciation of sport. 


Starting in 2002, the team has developed a distinctive hardworking reputation which has seen them commonly finished within the top two teams of the tournament. ​

Throughout natural team transitions, the group has continuously competed in local netball leagues and have won a number of the competitions.

At the 2013 Australian Sikh Games (ASG) Melbourne, the girls excelled their playing abilities, successfully claiming first place at the tournament. On the high over their grand final win, the team were determined to remain champions the following year on home turf at 27th ASG Perth. True to their word, the squad played an impressive tournament, winning the grand final against Sydney 54 to 38.

With outstanding teamwork, the following awards have been received: Preeti Gill-Tamber Lords 2010 & 2011 MVP; Supreet Kaur ASG 2010 Tournament MVP and ASG 2014 Umpire Award; Kiranjeet Sidhu ASG 2011 Tournament MVP and ASG 2014 Grand Final MVP.


The team has successfully facilitated the formation of the clubs second netball team in a bid to support and encourage sports within the community youth.

The PCSC/SAWA soccer team was formed in 2011 and has gone from strength to strength as the premier Sikh soccer team in Western Australia.
The soccer team has been representing PCSC/SAWA at the National Sikh Games since 2012 and actively encourage the youth of our community to participate in sport and connect with the other Sikh communities based around Australia.


The team won the Australian Sikh Games Perth 2014 Division B tournament thus becoming the first ever team from WA to compete in Division A at Coffs Harbour 2015. This was a fantastic achievement. 


Promoting youth players, 10 of the squad members are under the age of 21.

The group are the only club from WA, invited to a Sikh football tournament hosted by Khalsa Lions in Melbourne during early October. This tournament is held for the top 16 teams from Australia and New Zealand.

The PCSC Soccer team is truly a mix of Sikhs from all around the globe, players from India, Australia, Malaysia, England, Kenya and Singapore, all coming together to form a formidable squad.


The soccer team strongly encourages and promotes youth players to become involved and share their passion for soccer. If you are interesting in joining, please get in contact with us. 

Emerging in 2012, the PCSC Sharks netball team has participated in the Australian Sikh Games for four consecutive years, representing both PCSC and the Sikh Association of Western Australia.


During local league seasons, the team has competed in the following leagues: Courtside (2012), Strikers (2013-2015), Curtin University (2014-2015 and Lords (2015-present).


In their most recent season at Curtin University, the team outplayed their opponents wining the nail biting season grand final 20 – 18.

Preparations for the 29th Australian Sikh Games are underway for the team with the girls looking forward to another great tournament.


If you would like to join the team, please contact PCSC.

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